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Young Writers Club #5

Artwork not by me! - Pinterest Wow! It's been so long since I posted one of these...We had a break over the summer but then the session was delayed a week - so it's been EXTRA looooonnnnnggggg! It was so... Continue Reading →


Young Writers Club #4

artwork not by me - Pinterest. I went to Writers Club today! I missed last month unfortunately because I was on a camping trip so I was so excited to see everyone again! Today's theme was writing flash fiction so... Continue Reading →

Young Writers Club #3

Artwork not by me....Pinterest. Today's 10-minute picture prompt! I could feel the light breeze as the train passed under the bridge. The sun was sinking into the horizon as I contemplated my next move. Should I try it? Would it... Continue Reading →

Young Writers Club #2

Artwork by me Yay! Went to Writer's Club again this month. \(^ w ^)/ We didn't have a picture prompt this week because of some technical difficulties....But we had a sentence prompt instead! At the end of an empty street...... Continue Reading →

Young Writers Club #1

Artwork by me I've joined a Young Writer's Club. Yay! \(^ ω ^)/ Today was my first day and I really enjoyed it and will definitely be attending the monthly meetups. It's a really quaint little group, just 5 of us, so... Continue Reading →

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