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If Only…

I entered this year's Derby Book Festival '50 word story' competition! This years theme was 'if only...' and I was lucky enough to have won Runner-upĀ in the '12-17' age category! Solus If only I could surface the turbulent ocean that... Continue Reading →


Writing Prompt: The Canteen was in Chaos!

I've been re-learning and going into more depth about using 'Show and Tell' in my writing. One of my activities was to turn this "tell" sentence into a "show" sentence. The canteen was in chaos! The trick was, I wasn't... Continue Reading →

Anecdote: Notifications

Beep. My phone buzzed again, the millionth time that day. Ignore, ignore it. I don't want to be controlled by this device, constant notifications that give you unusual satisfaction. Why? Social Media invoking anxiety, self-hatred and depression on innocent youngsters.... Continue Reading →

140 Characters

Lost. I am completely lost. Staring into the mirror and slowly, slowly drowning into the reflection. Why am I here again? This is supposed to be like a twitter post/short story using the 140 character limit. Mine ended up being... Continue Reading →


I felt my heart pulse inside my rib-cage, and the blood flow through my veins. I could hear my breathing, slow and steady against the gentle hum coming from the outside. My eyelids twitched. I opened them seeing the familiar... Continue Reading →

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