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She opened her eyes her lashes holding onto the tears that feared to fall She closed her eyes only to fall deeper into the darkness and the constellations only to feel that unbelonging and negligence like the rope tied around... Continue Reading →


Circles of Distrust

The fish swims around in its bowl a helpless continuation of loss I watch as it helplessly tries to find the end of its journey circles and circles of distrust the limit of its interaction lies only in its own... Continue Reading →

Unattended Anger

Anger burns like a fire inside The smoke is making things unclear It's hazy Your conciousness is slowly leaving And when you awake, your surroundings are burnt to crisp Gone... You left the fire unattended You couldn't control it Now... Continue Reading →

wHY iS iT?

Image by me Why is it? When I open my mouth All my thoughts tangle And what I want to say never leaves my lips?   Why is it? When I get angry I say things I don't mean I... Continue Reading →


I can feel the tears rolling My hand brushes them away But the stains remain The eyes are left swollen and red But then my mouth twitches My cheeks are wet again I can feel the tears rolling   Why... Continue Reading →

Carrol Square Poems

artwork by April Wilson Hello readers! I'm so sorry, I've been away for a long time but it was all for a good reason. My cousin got married at the weekend and I was away with family for 10+ days... Continue Reading →

The Writers Den

Artwork by Yuhan Hu Hey readers, I finally decided to post this! This time at Writers Den I met up with one of my bestest of friends Amelie from Smudged Ink.¬†We decided to collaborate on this post, here are some... Continue Reading →

Young Writers Club #3

Artwork not by me....Pinterest. Today's 10-minute picture prompt! I could feel the light breeze as the train passed under the bridge. The sun was sinking into the horizon as I contemplated my next move. Should I try it? Would it... Continue Reading →

Young Writers Club #2

Artwork by me Yay! Went to Writer's Club again this month. \(^ w ^)/ We didn't have a picture prompt this week because of some technical difficulties....But we had a sentence prompt instead! At the end of an empty street...... Continue Reading →

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