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Film & Literacy Workshop

I attended a really interesting workshop today. It was a session designed to combine young people's love of film with literacy and creative development, and I couldn't resist since they were using my favourite Japanese animation studio: Studio Ghibli! It was... Continue Reading →


First time using a Wacom

I have finally purchased a Wacom Drawing Tablet, which I have been saving up for for a while and I have to say it's the best thing I've spent my money on in a long time. So, I thought I'd... Continue Reading →

Film Review: Kimi no Na wa

"So, I recently watched 'Kimi no Na wa' and I absolutely LOVED it!" Kimi no Na wa (2016)  Makoto Shinkai  My Rating :  *****  Makoto Shinkai has yet again blown us away with another masterpiece. The perfect blend of... Continue Reading →

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