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Anecdote: Confined Within Myself

Artwork by me My fists clench tightly. I can feel my fingernails digging into my skin. My pulse is visible on my wrist. My body is writhing with anger, frustration and hatred. I look at the room I'm stood in.... Continue Reading →


Anecdote: A Bored Passenger

The car vibrates below me. The rocky terrain moving fast around me. The adults are in the front, laughing, chatting. I can hardly hear their words, just random parts of their conversation, over the loud buzz of the wheels against... Continue Reading →

Anecdote: Notifications

Beep. My phone buzzed again, the millionth time that day. Ignore, ignore it. I don't want to be controlled by this device, constant notifications that give you unusual satisfaction. Why? Social Media invoking anxiety, self-hatred and depression on innocent youngsters.... Continue Reading →

Anecdote: Bonfire Night!

The sky is rumbling. Rumbling heavily, akin to the bass at a rock concert. Playing along to an unknown tune. I can hear all the fireworks echoing in the distance, reverberating off the atmosphere. Distant screams and yells of laughter reach... Continue Reading →

Anecdote: Mornings

Mornings Ribbons of colour danced in the dense darkness. Swirling in a whirlwind of a thousand hues. I was floating amongst them, the silky fabrics caressing my skin. Floating, but not in water, in air. It was an illuminated darkness... Continue Reading →

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