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Photography of The Month: June 2017

Welcome to another POTM post! I'm really excited for this one because I found a new photography love. Recently I've been getting into a lot of aesthetically beautiful things - I'm loving pastel colours and aesthetic photography but more importantly, I... Continue Reading →


Photography of The Month: May 2017

Welcome to another POTM post, where I share photographs that I have captured within the given month! Enjoy \(^ _ ^)/ This is my Auntie's gorgeous cat. I love her so much and she was being so photogenic when she... Continue Reading →

Photography of the Month: April 2017

Welcome to this new post! I'm so excited to share my photography on my blog! This is just a random collection of photos I've taken this month...and I'm hoping to do this every month. I actually attended a photography workshop in April... Continue Reading →

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