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Writing Prompt: The Canteen was in Chaos!

I've been re-learning and going into more depth about using 'Show and Tell' in my writing. One of my activities was to turn this "tell" sentence into a "show" sentence. The canteen was in chaos! The trick was, I wasn't... Continue Reading →

The Writers Den

Artwork by Yuhan Hu Hey readers, I finally decided to post this! This time at Writers Den I met up with one of my bestest of friends Amelie from Smudged Ink. We decided to collaborate on this post, here are some... Continue Reading →

Picture Prompt: Cab 87

So this was something I wrote a while ago. It was inspired by two pictures - one I took myself because a taxi cab interested me when we were driving on the motorway, and the other one - just a... Continue Reading →

Picture Prompt: Lacrimation

Hello, Readers. I know I've been away for a while - but I've been feeling down and uninspired recently. It's Ramadan too and fasting has left me completely unmotivated to write - if you follow my Goodreads you'll know I've... Continue Reading →


photography by me The wood cracks as it devours its soul. It licks the edge of the newspaper, leaving unfamiliar words to fade into black, to disintegrate. It rises and falls, it flickers in a seductive and mischievous dance. It's... Continue Reading →

Red String

Sometimes I stare at the red string that's entwined around my pinky with a little bow, the other end of the string is completely out of sight. It lies in a tangled mess at my feet before slithering off into directions... Continue Reading →


photography by me Swirling mist moves around my feet, supporting my weight within its wispy vapour. It's silent apart from a distant rumbling that vibrates in my ears. A dimly lit space stretches as far as my eyes can see.... Continue Reading →

Film & Literacy Workshop

I attended a really interesting workshop today. It was a session designed to combine young people's love of film with literacy and creative development, and I couldn't resist since they were using my favourite Japanese animation studio: Studio Ghibli! It was... Continue Reading →

Young Writers Club #2

Artwork by me Yay! Went to Writer's Club again this month. \(^ w ^)/ We didn't have a picture prompt this week because of some technical difficulties....But we had a sentence prompt instead! At the end of an empty street...... Continue Reading →

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