Welcome to another POTM post! I’m really excited for this one because I found a new photography love. Recently I’ve been getting into a lot of aesthetically beautiful things – I’m loving pastel colours and aesthetic photography but more importantly, I found I really love ‘Minimalistic Photography’!

So this month I really tried to put that aesthetic and minimalistic vibe into my photos! It was harder than I thought though…

(Also BIG shout out to my Great-Uncle for giving me my first pro camera, I’m so grateful!)

photo 1 (22)I didn’t understand all the fuss over fidget spinners until I actually got one, it is indeed addictive…and also fun to take pictures of!

photo 2 (19)

This is actually my lava lamp and the wax has gone cold in the water – so it’s now a cool frozen sculpture inside the glass container! I added a filter to make this look really cool!

photo 3 (16)

I think when I was taking pictures of ‘The After-Room’ by Maile Meloy, was when my “aesthetic” instincts started to kick in…

photo 4 (14)photo 5 (13)

This was a random picture I took when I went for a “mock trial” at Nottingham’s ‘Galleries of Justice’ with a home education group – it was awesome!

photo 1 (23)

Aesthetically delicious…

photo 2 (20)

Sorry if you’re hungry… 😉

photo 3 (17)

Ok, so this is where I started to think about ‘Minimalistic Photography’ and for some reason, I tried to incorporate the colour yellow into nearly everything…it worked though!

photo 4 (15)photo 5 (14)

photo 1 (24)

photo 2 (21).JPG

photo 3 (18)photo 4 (16)

And I thought my messy bedroom was “aesthetic” enough for a photograph, so I didn’t tidy up until that picture was taken!

photo 5 (15)

I snapped this while I was out with my friend Beth.

photo 1 (25)

I found an albino moth in my house! And it was sat in the most perfect place for a Minimalistic photograph!

photo 2 (22)

I bought Panda Socks!!!

photo 4 (17)

For Eid, I got ‘The Lunar Chronicles’ by Marissa Meyer. They’re so pretty!

photo 3 (19)photo 1 (26)

photo 2 (23)

And the beautiful ‘Caraval’ by Stephanie Garber! Which I have already reviewed – here!

photo 5 (16)

My Grandma had these gorgeously red Gladioli in her house…I couldn’t resist the urge!

That’s all for this month!

Do you love ‘Aesthetic’ photography as much as me? Have you tried ‘Minimalistic’ Photography?

Comment below, I’d love to know!


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