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I went to Writers Club today! I missed last month unfortunately because I was on a camping trip so I was so excited to see everyone again! Today’s theme was writing flash fiction so all the pieces I wrote to today are quite short and sweet!

Today’s 10-minute picture prompt!


The sun rose between the trees, the leaves refracting the light across the forest. The rays weaved between the leaves leaving a dappled shadow across the ground. It was the year of the cold sun, no heat radiated at all from it’s shining orb. Just a hollow light that encapsulated the world in an eerie illuminated darkness. It made the trees in ‘Twilight Forest’ glow blue and the wildlife is left lifeless. It was unusual to see movement and life in this year but in the midst of the silence a gunshot rang out, reverberating off the trees.  BANG!

I thought that today’s prompt was quite challenging. I actually struggled to find the the words to describe and my mind kind of went blank. I can actually think of a few things now but it could be anything…it’s quite wide in terms of what you could write about.

For the next activity, we wrote a six sentence story using ‘story-starter’ dice. I’ve always wanted to try using these they look really good and want to get them even more now XD! There are little pictures on each side and we had to write a sentence to do with that picture, do that six times and try to make something coherent out of was fun!

It was five minutes past nice‘o’clock

The roses were slowly retreating back into the soil

A man was trying to escape the sudden wave of anger in a yellow caravan that slowly disappeared on the horizon.

At the next hour, the clock chimed to announce sad’o’clock

Some people sat in the coffee shops, drinking away their sorrows

Other people were trying to escape the sudden wave of melancholy.

And for the last activity, we had to imagine someone we know very well and write a short passage about them in 2nd person. I learned something new today!

You are sitting in a classroom. It’s unfamiliar to me because you live so far away. I can see you concentrating, your frowning face under your messy fringe. It looks like you’ve run your hand through it countless times. Are you stressed? Your eyes are looking heavy, big bags weighing them down. Why are you not getting enough sleep? When the bell rings you stand up slowly, almost tripping on your chair. You walk out of the room with hunched shoulders. Is this stressful day slowly breaking you?

And that is all! I hope you enjoyed this, feedback is always welcome in the comments!

P.S. ‘Happy Eid’ to those of you who celebrate also! Have a wonderful day \(^ o ^)/


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