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Hey readers, I finally decided to post this!

This time at Writers Den I met up with one of my bestest of friends Amelie from Smudged Ink. We decided to collaborate on this post, here are some of the things we wrote, enjoy! (^ _ ^)

Rusted Words

My words are locked in perpetual motion,

tumbling and tripping and spilling out of my mouth

in growing entropy.


I try to write them down but they get muddled

each desperately fighting for my attention

so in the end, they all go ignored.


I’m left with incoherent sentences,

words that stay lifeless on the page.

Heavy. Leaden. Grey.


Poisonous and defeatist words drill into my brain,

planting seeds of doubt.

My pen stops moving.

The page stays clean.

Everything grinds to a halt.


I sit there.

My words turn rusty and fill my mouth with copper.

maybe tomorrow, I think.


Maybe tomorrow, I can tell my story.


– Amelie Frost


It tastes like  salty water

crystalised grains swirling in my mouth

it tastes like a gulp of the sea

like I’m drowning in my nerves


It has no shape

I can feel it sloshing around my arms

putting pressure on my limbs


its a never ending horizon

stretched out before me


I can hear my drastic heart beat

echoeing in my ears – like I’m deep under water


a metallic smell that fills my nose

as I slowly drown in my emotion

– Hannah Zaki

We had a brilliant time, and enjoyed all the activities! Unfortunately it’s the last time for both of us because next year we’ll both be too old to go, but of course we’ll always keep writing!

Did you enjoy this post? Feedback is welcome in the comments Xx

Hannah ♥

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