So this was something I wrote a while ago. It was inspired by two pictures – one I took myself because a taxi cab interested me when we were driving on the motorway, and the other one – just a really cool city photograph and I really loved the atmosphere and vibe to it. It was just something quick and random that I wrote when I was supposed to be writing something else…



my skimpy jacket is drenched and I’m soaked to the skin. I can feel the drops of water running down my bare legs and my dripping hair on my cold neck. I guess it wasn’t such a good idea to wear a tank top and skirt to work today, but how was I supposed to know that today of all days the heavens would throw down cats and dogs.

The cafe I work at is now closed meaning I can’t go back inside to the comfort of dry land. So I begin walking. I need a lift but I have no money on me and just as all hope seems to be running down the drain, a taxi cab pulls over onto the kerb. Indicators flashing.

It’s yellow. A bright contrast to the drizzly city scene around me. The street reflects blue and red light off the taxis surface and I as I get closer I noticed the sign sitting on the roof – Cab 87 – it reads. When I reach the taxi the driver’s window rolls down smoothly as if predicting my arrival.

Sitting behind the wheel is a figure dressed all in black. I can’t tell whether it’s a guy or a girl. They stick their gloved hand out of the window, palm facing the sky like it’s catching the rain. I blink at it. Then realisation hits me.

“I’ve got no money,” I say

The hand immediately retreats and the window slowly starts to close-

“W-wait!” I call a bit too desperately, “Can I at least take shelter from the rain?”

the window stops rolling upward and there’s a pause. I stand looking at my wet feet in their wet shoes and feeling the rain on my head. I sneeze. And then I hear an almost hesitant click as the doors are unlocked. I jump in immediately.

I went to Writer’s Den today and had an absolutely fantastic time! I got to meet some friends that I hadn’t seen in a while and it was so much fun! I’ll be posting some of the things I wrote soon, so look forward to that \(^ w ^)/


~The World is Quiet Here~