Hello, Readers. I know I’ve been away for a while – but I’ve been feeling down and uninspired recently. It’s Ramadan too and fasting has left me completely unmotivated to write – if you follow my Goodreads you’ll know I’ve been reading a lot! I did consider multiple times to post a book review or discuss something but no, it didn’t happen.

But I’m here now! I have Writer’s Den on Saturday and I need to brush up my writing skills before I go! I don’t want to be out of practice… I’m going to try and post a bit more regularly now!



literally, means ‘the flow of tears’ but can also refer to the act of tear secretion.

I was pushed into the dark room, a glass bottle in my hand. It’s long neck felt cold in my sweaty palm. I was nervous, but this was my last chance. The door was instantly shut and locked behind me. It was pitch black. I couldn’t see anything. Clumsily placing a foot in front of the other, I managed to navigate the small chair and table in the centre of the chamber. As soon as I sat down I could hear the hissing noise, like pouring water or rushing vapor. Then I smelt it. The faint rosy smell of the intoxicating gas as it filled up my nose. It slid around my face, curling upwards. I could feel my conscious slipping away and the hallucinations forming in front of my eyes. I held tightly to the glass bottle. Intense feelings of past sorrows and deep regrets crept to the front of my mind. A performance of wispy memories danced in the rosy haze. My heart became heavy in my chest and then slithering down my cheek in an illuminated drop, was my first tear.

An agonising sensation cut through my mind like something had been ripped in two. My conscious regained and I moved the bottle to catch the tear as it dripped off my chin. The hallucinations disappeared with a cloudy moan and I was left in the dark room with an illuminated bottle containing one tear. But the rest soon overflowed and I sat there with the glass bottle sitting limply between my fingers, catching the tears that rolled down my face. They say that when tears are extracted by Lacrimation, the chemicals in the gas react with the emotion in the tears making them illuminate. The more emotional you are, the brighter the comfort of light in the darkness. Obviously, even if you’re not emotional at all, the gas will eventually make your eyes water, that’s why Lacrimation is the best way of secreting your tears.

My quiet sobs echoed around the enclosed walls, surrounding me in my own melancholic emotion. When I looked down, my glass bottle was almost full. Suddenly, I heard bolts being pulled open and then I was blinded by the sudden light as the door to the Lacrimation chamber was unlocked. I sat there, streaks of illuminated tear-light, stained my cheeks. The bottle of tears was slowly fading in the light. I felt so faint I could hardly make sense of what was going on. All I knew was I had to get out, they couldn’t take the tears from me. I needed them.

I felt strong hands grab my arms and pull my out of my seat at the small table. I was dragged towards the door and into the light. Someone tried to take the bottle from me but I snapped out of my daze instantly. I slammed my hand on top of the bottle so the tears wouldn’t spill, and I ran. I ran. I escaped. Again. With another jar of forbidden tears. But how much longer can I escape for…?

I didn’t know where to end! (note: the act of Lacrimation doesn’t actually exist, don’t worry, I just made it up!)


~The World is Quiet Here~