Hello, Readers! Now before I delve into this post, I would just like to shout out to one of my bestest of friends and writing buddy, Amelie, who recently started her blog. Amelie is an avid writer like me and her writing is so very beautiful and a pleasure to read! So please go check her out over @ Smudged Ink.

Now onto the post! These are all of the pictures we took at a Photography workshop I attended a few weeks back. We went to an absolutely amazing location to take pictures so I hope you enjoy looking at them. \(^ ω ^)/


Phew! That was a lot of pictures to download…

The location we went to was an abandoned building that used to be a school and isn’t usually open to the public but someone had decided to have a photography exhibition there which was really nice but we were there to take our own photos.

There were so many interesting features like peeling wallpaper and ivy growing out of windows and I absolutely had THE best time ever! Thank you, Jon, for the amazing opportunity and The Quad Derby for organizing, I’m forever grateful!

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Which was your favourite picture?

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