Sometimes I stare at the red string that’s entwined around my pinky with a little bow, the other end of the string is completely out of sight.

It lies in a tangled mess at my feet before slithering off into directions unknown

Sometimes I wonder if someone else is tied to the other end, tied to me. The one I’m destined to meet.

But I look at the string and how limp and weightless it feels. When I pull at it, I feel nothing but dead weight, when I follow it, the end is never clear.

Sometimes I’m scared that when I’ve pulled through all the red string, I’ll just see an abandoned end, fraying at the edge, like it’s been snipped with scissors.

And it makes me wonder if there’s anyone there at all…

I wrote this at 5.30 this morning after a strange dream…

Have you heard of the red string of fate?

Hannah ♥

~ The World is Quiet Here ~