I was interviewed by awesome blogger and my wonderful friend, Beth!

Hi everyone! Today we have something a little different – an interview with a dear friend and blogger, Hannah! Hannah owns The World is Quiet Here, where she discusses books, literature, photography, writing, movies, life, art and much more.

I love the variety of her posts, and she is a natural writer. It is my honour to be able to interview her and give you readers a taste of life as a blogger!

B: Welcome to The Books Are Everywhere, Hannah! Tell us a little about yourself.

H: I’m a home-educated fifteen year old girl. I would say I’m a normal girl but I’m not. My family members call me ‘a special one’ because I do weird things like taking pictures of half empty coffee cups lying in the street. So thank you, Beth for featuring me in your blog, I feel very honoured!

B: How do you get…

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