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Today’s 10-minute picture prompt!


I could feel the light breeze as the train passed under the bridge. The sun was sinking into the horizon as I contemplated my next move. Should I try it? Would it work? Cautiously, I took the card out of my pocket, flipping it over in my hand. It looked like any ordinary playing card, an ace, except lacing around the ace in detailed inky curls, was a dragon. It’s black scales glimmering in the sunset.

I placed it down on the side of the bridge, dragon facing up, no trains were passing. I lifted my hand over the card and pinched down hard on my skin until a drop of blood sparked on the surface. I watched as it dripped down the curve of my hand and onto the centre of the ace. It pooled in the middle, for a second my heart came up to my throat, was my blood not compatible? But then it slowly dispersed the ink across the card in a flurry of spirals and complicated coils until the entire card was red and intricately patterned. Entwining itself in the air, a wisp of smoke escaped the card dragon’s nostrils.

But then I saw the claws clinging on to the edge of the card and when I turned it over, my blood fizzled with excitement. It worked! The tiny dragon perched on the opposite side of the card slowly crawled onto my fingers. It sat elegantly on my fingertips as I gaped in its glory. It’s fragile wings delicately layered with tiny scales and its iridescent body glowed in the last bits of sun rays holding onto the sky. Wisps of smoke curled up from its nostrils as its beady eyes focused on mine. A pool of darkness. It was real. It was there. But now what was I supposed to do?

If you’re wondering how I managed to write all of this in 10 minutes, I actually wrote the dragon bit first and was then inspired and the rest was written in rushed brief notes.   (^ v ^ )

The next activity was interesting and so much fun! We each got a poem from a different language and had to use our imagination to translate it into our own poem.

Mine was in Zulu! 

photo 1 (16)


Capturing all of the rain

Covering all of the city

Covering all of the people

Crying out a lullaby for all to hear

Carrying the burdens of all near

The clouds dispersed 

The sun rays shine

Umbrella releases the captured rain

Umbrella uncovers the city, uncovers the people

Umbrella’s lullaby slowly fades away

Umbrella has no more burdens to carry.

And here was the real translation that was revealed at the end…

photo 2 (13)

 The last and final activity was really funny. We each had to talk, in pairs, for 5 minutes without stopping, on a random topic of our choice (it had to be spontaneous!) while the other person took notes. The notes you take then had to prompt something to write about.

Mine was cake…yeah. It was good because I’ve never written about cake before!

Here is what I got:

A Pinnacle of Life

We sat eating cake by the ocean. The salty mist carried from the sea mixed on my palette as I ate. I was under the spell of this cake, eating every last crumb before diving for another slice. the soft vanilliary sponge laced with the sweet buttercream and that burst of sharp fruitiness when you hit the jam. Victoria Sponge. My favourite.

Yeah, so that was totally spontaneous…lol!

That was all for today! 

Thanks for reading Xx

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