photography by me

Swirling mist moves around my feet, supporting my weight within its wispy vapour. It’s silent apart from a distant rumbling that vibrates in my ears. A dimly lit space stretches as far as my eyes can see. A midnight blue delusion. All around me, tiny dust particles float everywhere.

The “cloud” I seem to be standing on, carries me through the dark void. I expect some sort of cool breeze as I float forward, deeper and deeper, but it’s just a humid atmosphere, like someone’s breathing on my face. It’s not a pleasant feeling but I’m soon distracted by something coming towards me. A charm of giant goldfinches flies past me, making my hands speed up to shield my face. Their red features and yellow streaked wings glow in the darkness. I turn to watch them as they fade away, they seem almost transparent, like a projection. A field of daffodils suddenly rises around me, gently swaying. I can see two fallow deer skipping, treading right through me as they pass and fade away. Multiple things fly by, unable to move, I watch in amazement as a sense of nostalgia washes over me.

Then I see the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen, a great cherry blossom tree, suspended in the air, it’s twisted branches reaching out gracefully. It’s tiny pink petals are suddenly afloat, flying in every direction in an imaginary wind. The tree floats closer and closer until it’s warped trunk is directly in front of me. Pushed into the decaying wood is a smooth white door with a shiny black doorknob. The cloud has stopped moving and my soul starts to feel detached from my body. Subconsciously I reach out and grab the doorknob, attempting to push it open. It won’t budge, but I don’t stop.

I didn’t notice it happen again. The cherry blossom tree, starting to drift away and the distance between me and it, growing. My body is now leaning far too forward, I can see the darkness below me, and then I lose all sense of balance.

I fall.

No sound leaves my mouth, just the air rushes past my body making my stomach somersault inside of me. I think I saw stars…everything drifts away so fast and then the darkness turns into light…

I sit up in my white duvet, suddenly feeling very nauseous. As my mind focuses, my eyebrows furrow together under my curly bangs. The same dream again, huh?

Happy (very late) Spring! – This week has got to have been the busiest week of my entire life. I wanted to post this on the first day of spring but things don’t always go to plan, I guess…

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Hannah ♥

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