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Yay! Went to Writer’s Club again this month. \(^ w ^)/

We didn’t have a picture prompt this week because of some technical difficulties….But we had a sentence prompt instead!

At the end of an empty street…

He stood there, at the end of an empty street. The rain dripped down his jaw, his eyes glowed red with burning anger. The ‘Infected’ drug had begun to take effect already and I could see his skin starting to turn green and pixelated. I slowly unsheathed my sword. All I had to do, was make him disappear.

‘What are you waiting for?’I mumbled, partly to myself, through gritted teeth. I was pumping with adrenaline now. I cry out, charging towards him my feet turning up loose stones on my asphalt. I could hear my footsteps echoing in the abandoned street as I raised my sword. My heart beat increased. He hadn’t moved yet, hadn’t flinched one bit, even as I screamed out at him. But the words of advice rang through my head as I got closer. But I knew all too well, this was just how he played the game.

As I brought the sword down, aiming for his head, his right arm shot up, blocking my attack with his metal, bionic hand. The force knocked my balance and I didn’t have enough time to register his next move. His left arm moved deftly as he brought out a dagger of his own and I was rewarded with a slash across the face. Jumping back, I wipe the blood quickly. Now it begins!

We played ‘Consequences’ again to write a poem, like last month, but we chose a different colour this time.

Red is…

Red is the repetitive dots that cover the table cloth. Hallucinations that form when I look up,

Red is the colour of my Super Mario, star of my favourite video games,

Red is a leather smell,

Red is the hot blistering anger coursing through the blood. Betrayal. Red is Betrayal,

Red is the colour of the wrong bus cresting the hill; the sinking knowledge I will definitely be late.

Finally, to finish off, we looked at some pictures by this artist that I can’t remember…(I’ll link it when I do). He draws simple doodles and then adds captions. They’re very peculiar and dark, the type of art that after you’ve observed it, you want to know what the artist’s inspiration was or what they were thinking at the time.

We were given some of his pictures without they’re captions and had to write our own…I wasn’t very good at this but I enjoyed it none the less. It got me trying to think about things in a different way and I had to think about it for a while before coming up with something.

photo (10).JPG

photo (11).JPG

Thank you for reading!


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