The car vibrates below me. The rocky terrain moving fast around me. The adults are in the front, laughing, chatting. I can hardly hear their words, just random parts of their conversation, over the loud buzz of the wheels against the asphalt.

“I was like this is…”

“Oh my god! Really?!”

Finding it hard to join the conversation, I sigh. The radio is turned down. I can’t hear a thing, just a gentle humming, muffled bass and the odd strum of a guitar. I try to guess the song, but soon give up, turning my attention to the rolling hills outside my window. I stick my headphones in, the upbeat jazz track immediately flowing into my ears. The adults’ voices get lost in the music. I watch the sunlight dance between the passing trees, the low clouds sweeping across the top of the hills and a group of para-gliding silhouettes floating up towards the dazzling blue sky. I open my bag of crisps. Crunching one between my teeth and feeling the burst of chilli and tomato on my tongue. Mmmm…my favourite. I nod my head to the beat of the song, sitting back in my seat. Let me know when we get there!

I wrote this when we went on a long journey to Blackburn at the weekend. This is what happens when you cross car journeys, boredom and me…

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Hannah ♥

~ The World is Quiet Here ~