Sorry, this post is so late. I really wanted to post on Thursday but I’ve been so busy…

Happy (late) World Book Day!  \(^ w ^)/

I was inspired by one of this years WBD books, to write this short poem.


A Million Light Years Away

The sky is so tragically beautiful, a graveyard of stars.

A spectrum of dappled light, reflecting back at me.

A light that’s travelled millions of light years just to reach my eyes, just so I can experience its beauty.

Who knows if it’s still there, shining a million light years away; a light that I will never see, that will never reach me.

At least, while it lasts, let me take advantage of it, to guide me on my travels.

On this quiet, solitary road. A road that people are afraid to travel on.

A journey.

Hannah ♥

~ The World is Quiet Here ~