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I’ve joined a Young Writer’s Club. Yay! \(^ ω ^)/

Today was my first day and I really enjoyed it and will definitely be attending the monthly meetups. It’s a really quaint little group, just 5 of us, so it was really nice and chilled out (and easy to make friends) but yet I think I benefitted more because of that.

Here are some random pieces that I wrote in today’s session…

Today’s session was aimed at writing in a group, so we did a lot of talking as well as small writing activities that we did together.

We started the session with a picture prompt (something they do every month) and 10 minutes to write whatever came to mind. The point of the exercise was to get a flow of your writing and ideas going. It didn’t have to make sense, just that you wrote for the whole ten minutes without stopping.

photo (7).JPG

She pushed me away, keeping her head down as she ran. Away from me. I hurried after her, just in time to see her snatch a bunch of helium balloons from an old man. Her light-weight body immediately beginning to rise, like an angel. I tried desperately to grab one of her legs before it was out of reach but it was too late. I looked up at her, she was gracefully posed with one hand grasping the balloons, fingers entangled in the strings. Looking directly down on me, her cerulean eyes meeting my brown ones. I felt rain on my face but soon realised it was her tears.

“I just want to be free – I don’t want the burden of a heavy heart,”

Then we played a game similar to ‘Consequences’ where you write something on a piece of paper, fold it over and pass it to the person sitting next to you. When you unfold you have a sentence that everybody has written part of.

Here is the one I got:

The great detective jumped an enormous table.

It doesn’t make complete sense but you get the idea. With this, I had to write something that included this sentence in it. I added a preposition so it made more sense.

The great detective jumped under an enormous table. Sliding skillfully as the table cloth danced around the legs. He peeked out from under the table. Watching the waiter walk by, his straight black trousers and shiny dress shoes padding along the ballroom floor. The detective waited patiently, moving a lock of blonde hair from his eyes as he watched the waiter move slowly away. He got out from under the table in one swift motion. The ballroom was empty and dark, the glowing white table cloths draped over the round tables. Only the detectives breathing could be heard. Echoing in the darkness. He made his way to the entrance stopping to pick up a bag left, by an acquaintance, at the door. When he was out in the cool midnight air, he took his phone from his pocket and spoke gently into the receiver,

“Mission Complete, we have obtained the chicken, OVER.”

The last activity was to write a poem but in a similar way to the previous activity. Every person writes one line. The subject was the colour Green. Each sentence had to start with ‘Green is’ and we had to think of this colour in many different ways. What memory we could relate with the colour, an emotion that reminds you of the colour, what does it feel like, smell like?

This was my favourite poem:

Green is…

Green is the strike of jealousy that conceals my heart

Green is a canopy of leaves and the speckled light, wellies in mud, and a voice lost in the distance.

Green is the smell of acid when it’s light, and mud when it’s dark, and freshness when it’s somewhere in between

Green is calm and soothing. It is refreshing, the colour of nature, it is relaxing.

Green is the beautifully painted landscapes that look like they’re still fresh with paint.

I had a lot of fun today! There was cake and lots of chatter in between the writing activities and I felt like the people I met today were old friends. I think I always manage to find friends amongst fellow writers (coughfangirlscough) and I love having a different environment to learn and write in. I think it really helps my writing to grow and become better, especially when I’m learning new things with other writers who also like to do the same thing as me.

Hopefully, I’ll be posting something like this monthly!

Thank you for reading Xx


~The World is Quiet Here~