Beep. My phone buzzed again, the millionth time that day. Ignore, ignore it. I don’t want to be controlled by this device, constant notifications that give you unusual satisfaction.


Social Media invoking anxiety, self-hatred and depression on innocent youngsters. I’m not going to let it do that to me. I’m not listening, I’m blocking my ears from the repeating vibration of my phone. Ding. Ding. Ding.

the next day…

I hastily picked up my phone

109 notifications.

The screen was full of little red circles next to the applications that cover my home page.

I clicked on my messages.

I clicked on her name.

Words of despair, melancholy, hope and hatred filled my eyes along with the tears that suddenly overflowed.

The last words texted: I HATE YOU!

I crashed my fist against the wall, letting out a cry of rage and emotion.

It had broke me again – this device, even when I had ignored it, it still controlled my life.

I wrote this at a writers retreat in Nottingham called ‘The Writers Den’. I had so much fun and met some amazing people. This was inspired by one of the activities.

I hope that our phones are forever unable to control us!


~The World is Quiet Here~