The Glass Children by Kristina Ohlsson

My Rating: ♥♥ (2/5)

This book was recommended to me by my cousin who knows of my dark interests. Unfortunately, this book wasn’t for me.

When Billie and her mum move into their new house in Åhus, she is shocked to find the whole house completely furnished. As if the family, who lived there before them, had just got up and left. Billie’s mum doesn’t seem concerned about this and wants to start a fresh life in their new home. But Billie starts to notice strange things happening in the old house and is curious about the rumors she’s heard. Putting everything at risk, Billie decides to uncover the hidden truth about their house.

When I first heard about this book, I desperately tried to acquire a copy from somewhere. My library didn’t have it at the time unfortunately and after that, I kind of forgot about it. But then last week I saw it there sitting on the bookshelf as if it was waiting for me. Of course, I borrowed it but I have to say I was disappointed.

I love the ideas in this book, it really is dark and creepy, but I don’t think it was executed very well. The writing style is really simple and a bit bland. It’s repetitive and slow paced and I found it hard to believe in the story. It didn’t tell a ghost story that actually made you doubt that ghosts aren’t real. It was unrealistic. And the characters were unrelatable, Billie gets away with a lot of things that seem unlikely to happen in the real world and it just annoyed me because this book had potential. It could have been amazing!

I thought after I had finished it, that maybe it wasn’t actually a book for my age. It was probably written for younger readers. But then, the ideas in it would probably freak younger readers out, so I’m still not sure.

Overall, nice idea but poor execution. It’s just not for me.

Nobody knew where the family who used to live in the house had gone.

The first line from,

The Glass Children

(sorry for the harsh review) (^_^;)


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