I felt my heart pulse inside my rib-cage, and the blood flow through my veins. I could hear my breathing, slow and steady against the gentle hum coming from the outside. My eyelids twitched. I opened them seeing the familiar teal eyes reflected back in the glass. Bubbles floated around me, tickling me as goosebumps appeared all over my pale skin. All of a sudden, I felt my heart rate begin to increase as the red liquid rushed around my body. The tingling on my skin stopped as an electrical sensation ran through my brain. Something wasn’t right, this had never happened before.

What were these feelings? I turned my attention to my reflection, I watched as my blue pupils faded into grey and then burst with a deep crimson red. I blinked.

What’s happening?

I wrote this small piece a while ago but I didn’t having any ideas for a way to continue the story. But recently I breathed new life into it and have started a novel based on this. Chapter 1 next week!

Hannah ♥

~ The World is Quiet Here ~