The night was thick with fog and the sky full of moonlight. A young girl with long, black hair and deep brown eyes made her way through the night to the edge of The Dark Forest. The air was chilly but the wind didn’t blow. The girls shoes crunched on the dead leaves and branches as she made her way through the forest. With every step she was closer to her destination.

She walked cautiously towards the clearing where the full moon poured its light onto an old well. The girl looked down at her pale hands, she held a small china doll with beautiful golden locks and a pretty frock made from silk and lace. The lace scratched at her cold hands as she carried on walking. Every step echoed in the silence.

She stopped. She was still a meter away from the well. She raised her hands in the air gripping the china doll and the words, that had haunted her in her dreams, were ringing in her head as she threw the doll through the air. Time slowed down as she watched the doll fall into the black hole of the well. Anxiously she waited. A cold breeze was blowing now as the tress whispered the haunted words. Her long, black hair swirled around her face as she listened.

must become a doll, must become a doll, as beautiful as a doll, beautiful as a doll, doll, doll, doll…

The words echoed in her ears as she walked towards the well. Her hands clasped the edge as she peered in to the darkness. Her scratched fingers and long nails dug into the moss growing around the decaying brick. Her cracked lips opened as she muttered her wish…

“I wish to become a doll”

The wind stopped blowing. There was silence. The girls heart thumped in her chest. The trees began to moan and the wind began to howl, the wind blew the leaves off the trees as they swirled around her feet. She closed her eyes and leaned into the well, tears pouring from her closed eyes. The noise deafened her ears.

Suddenly, she felt a strange feeling, she felt a tingling on the back of her neck which made her flinch. Still holding the well tightly the girl opened her eyes, eyeliner streaming down her face. Her eyes widened and her pupils shrunk as she saw a sight that froze her blood.

The bloodcurdling scream of the girl silenced the sounds in The Dark Forest as it faded deeper and deeper into the waiting black mouth of the well.

This is something I wrote after I did my Arts Award – it was originally going to be a short film, but it didn’t go to plan so I started writing it up as novel instead. 
(picture drawn by me) \(^ ω ^)/
Hannah ♥
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