The sky is rumbling.

Rumbling heavily, akin to the bass at a rock concert. Playing along to an unknown tune. I can hear all the fireworks echoing in the distance, reverberating off the atmosphere. Distant screams and yells of laughter reach my ears as I crane my neck out of the back room window…

That’s right…the window.

I am missing all the fun this year, the firework display has been cancelled and now I’m stuck inside. *Sigh*

But I’m not giving up just yet.

Our window in the back room is massive, it opens from the bottom and the flat roof of the downstairs bathroom stretches out in front.

It’s big enough to climb out of…and the space is big enough to stand out on…

I push the beanbag out through the window, pull on my pumps and throw a shawl over my cable-knit jumper and I crawl out into the cold night. On the roof it’s a completely different world.

“Wow!” I breathe.

Watching my breath turn into a cloud and turning 360° on my heels. The horizon is hued with a dusty pink that gradually fades to black above my head. Constellations are scattered across the sky like sequins on a black scarf.

This is the best! When the fireworks start, I’m going get an amazing view, I can see into everybody’s gardens.

A cold breeze blows past me making tears roll down my face and my body shivers uncontrollably.

“So cold,”

I plop myself down on the beanbag, bringing my shawl closer to my body and grabbing the packet of ‘Pocky’ that I left on the windowsill. I started munching. One of my salty tears has made its way down to my mouth, mingling with the bitter after-taste of chocolate.


It’s happening…the fireworks have started.


I sit in awe at how close they are. Someone is putting on a display about five doors down. I have hit the nail right on the head!

They are colourful, extravagant big flowers blooming in the night sky. Flowers of fire. Fire flowers.


My eyes are wide and full of excitement as I squeal in joy. Being on my own just makes it feel more thrilling. The fireworks light up my smile and reflect back in my eyes. I chomp on my ‘Pocky’ as I sit back and watch the brilliant display of lights.

This is going to be the best Bonfire Night ever!

So there you go! This is actually how I watched the fireworks this year! I took all my notes while watching the display so I thought I’d write in present tense for a change.

Happy Bonfire Night \(^ u ^)/

Hannah ♥

~ The World is Quiet Here ~