“So, I recently watched ‘Kimi no Na wa’ and I absolutely LOVED it!”

Kimi no Na wa (2016) 

Makoto Shinkai 

My Rating :  ***** 


Makoto Shinkai has yet again blown us away with another masterpiece. The perfect blend of Sci – Fi and Romance topped off with a completely realistic plot and top quality animation.

I was overjoyed that Shinkai kept the style we all know and love in ‘Kimi no Na wa’, including his traditional ‘long distance relationship’ between the main characters, which was conveyed through time (and dreams) rather than distance.


Mitsuha Miyamizu (Mone Kimishiraishi), a country girl who is sick and tired of her traditional country lifestyle and Taki Tachibana (Kamiki Ryunosuke) a high school boy living in Tokyo are united in their dreams, and events in the film (no spoilers!) evolve around a Comet that falls in Japan for the first time in a thousand years.

I think anyone can appreciate Makoto Shinaki’s artwork. As we’ve seen in his previous film ‘The Garden of Words’ his animation is beyond describable, the scenes are intense with immaculate attention to detail and that beautiful shine that makes everything look like it’s fresh off the drawing board and still wet with paint. Kimi no Na wa is no exception, the vibrant greens of ‘The Garden of Words’ is gracefully contrasted with midnight blues, indigo and purples capturing the pure beauty of the night sky.

The Garden of Words (2013)


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The story complemented his work well, his style really suited the characters, who were a really likable group and who you really can hold feelings for. The clever thing about this film was that you could go from crying to laughing all within a change of a scene. That streak of humour throughout the film, that kept popping in at random moments, really gave it an up-lifting feel. Making you smile through your tears (and possibly laugh and cry at the same time)!

Some people might find the change of scenes too fast paced and hard to follow but if you’ve watched a Shinaki film before, it’s nothing new. Overall, I think this is a beautiful watch and I certainly recommend it, and I’m giving it 5 stars because I really can’t pick out any faults or flaws. It’s not really a family film but definitely one to enjoy on your own, with a box of tissues.




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