Ribbons of colour danced in the dense darkness. Swirling in a whirlwind of a thousand hues. I was floating amongst them, the silky fabrics caressing my skin. Floating, but not in water, in air. It was an illuminated darkness with surrounding distant lights. Watching. Protecting. I felt giddy, a weightlessness took over my heart as I danced between the ribbons. Devoid of all heavy feelings. Worry, fear, insecurity, were lifted. Breaking free from the chains that bound me, I delved into this world of infinite peace.

Suddenly, I stopped. My ears rang loudly, I could hear a voice. I strained my ears to listen as it became louder and louder…

“HANNAH! Wake up!”

I jolted awake, eyes wide from shock. Breathing heavily as I frantically looked around. I moved my legs, feeling the heavy weight of my duvet instead of the rippling sensation of air around my limbs.

I groaned as realization hit me.

My Mother stood beside the bed, bent over with her hand resting on my shoulder.

“Mmmm…” I made a noise,

“Time to wake up, come on,”

I tried desperately to get away from her death grip on my shoulder, which was no more than a gentle hold, but it felt like it controlled me. I turned around in bed, closing my eyes and trying to return to my peaceful void but failing miserably.

Before long I was climbing out of bed, trudging downstairs and starting the day with very heavy eyes.

I wrote this at 8’o’clock in the morning, in bed (ironically, I woke myself up). I was just wondering if it was possible to convey the feeling you get, when someone wakes you up from a deep sleep, through words…

Hannah  ♥

~The World is Quiet Here~