When I was younger I adored the flavour of brown bread, eating it at breakfast and using it for sandwiches. But for some unknown reason, as I’ve grown up I started eating more white bread, so much more that I don’t actually eat brown bread anymore. In truth, I hate it…

But this is besides the point. Your probably wondering right now, why are we talking about bread? Well there is one connection-

– because the way I consume bread is also the way I consume books.

My best friend always asks me what books I’ve been reading, we like to keep up to date with each other, to see what books we enjoyed most and which ones aren’t worth our precious time.

Usually after answering her, she continues and asks,

“Was it brown or white bread?”

The first time she said this I was completely confused, until she explained.

‘Brown bread’ books are books that can benefit us in someway, whether it be historical or biographical (mostly non-fiction), brown bread books have something to offer us in terms of your knowledge.

‘White bread’ books, however, are the complete opposite. Purely for our own entertainment, all those adventure, fantasy, romances just fills our hearts with the “fluffy feels” (*coughfangirlscough*). They’re not very beneficial but don’t we all love to read something that takes us away from reality.

As you can probably see, I’m a sucker for ‘white bread’ books, just like I love it for breakfast. I actually used to read a lot of ‘brown bread’ books (just like I used to love eating it). I guess I’ve just become less and less aware of what I’m reading, just picking up anything that pleases me.

So what do us ‘white bread’ book lovers do? Well here is my solution:

I went to my friend after reading a supposedly good ‘white bread’ book. It was so good there was no way it didn’t have anything beneficial in it, and this is what she said to me,

“You just read 50/50 darling!”

50/50 bread is for people who love white bread but want some goodness. Same goes for reading.

So just because a book isn’t non-fiction doesn’t mean it’s ‘white bread’. If a book was extremely well written, the red herrings were amazing and the plot twist was so unexpected that it kept you on the edge of your seat until the last page was turned, then that is a 50/50! Maybe even a brown loaf…

People like me, who love writing, can learn so much from reading books like this;

  • What did the author do that made me want to turn every single page?
  • Was it the plot/story?
  • Or was it the way they weaved the words together in that particular paragraph?

Books like ‘Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte’, ‘The Great Expectations by Charles Dickens’ – the classics, these are all ‘brown bread’ books. You know why? Because the writing style of those times was so amazing, they had a way with the words that modern writers just can’t grasp today. We could never write like that today, so it’s an experience to watch the words dance on the pages in ways that are hard to choreograph now.

Of course, Chick-flicks and comedy books will always be ‘white bread’ but there’s no harm in having a slice every now and then.

“Have a good balance of ‘brown & white’ breads in your book consuming habits”

Here’s some food for thought (quite literally actually…XD)

You might want to take the metaphor further. Did you read something that was embedded with nutritious seeds or was it juicy with fruit. Maybe it was so bad it was like trying to devour mouldy bread!

– So, are you one who loves buttery brown bread, or are you like me and can’t resist a slice of a white loaf, or maybe your that sensible one who just goes for the 50/50…

Hannah ♥

~The World is Quiet Here~