Hello, My fellow reader! \(^ ω ^)/

I’m Hannah Zaki.

A quiet fangirl who loves to write with a passion. Of course reading is a necessity but writing comes more naturally and I find myself turning every situation into a story.

Art flows through my blood, everything I look at is constructed of lines that have to be drawn and colours that need to be painted.

I love taking long walks and being with nature. Rainy days are my favourite and I just love to sit with a good book and hot chocolate, cuddled up in my duvet. (I know it sounds cliche but it’s true!)

I hope to create a collection of memories on this blog, of my artwork and writing, to nurture and showcase them to friends and family…

Inspiration lingers everywhere. You have to think outside the box, seek out every adventure, take every risk.

The World is Quiet Here, on my blog. I hope you find inspiration…