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October 2016

Autumn! (photo gallery)

Ah! I love Autumn... I've been taking walks and indulging myself in the surrounding beauty. Watching the spectrum of colours wash through the leaves day by day. I've been inspired to write and the colours have inspired my most recent... Continue Reading →


Mess Spreads As Inspiration Flows

I was lying on the floor of my bedroom, and my mind was numb with boredom. I absolutely hate being bored (who doesn't?) ... And I felt like I was going to explode! You want to succumb to your brains desires and... Continue Reading →

Film Review: Kimi no Na wa

"So, I recently watched 'Kimi no Na wa' and I absolutely LOVED it!" Kimi no Na wa (2016)  Makoto Shinkai  My Rating :  *****  Makoto Shinkai has yet again blown us away with another masterpiece. The perfect blend of... Continue Reading →

Anecdote: Mornings

Mornings Ribbons of colour danced in the dense darkness. Swirling in a whirlwind of a thousand hues. I was floating amongst them, the silky fabrics caressing my skin. Floating, but not in water, in air. It was an illuminated darkness... Continue Reading →

White Bread or Brown Bread?

When I was younger I adored the flavour of brown bread, eating it at breakfast and using it for sandwiches. But for some unknown reason, as I've grown up I started eating more white bread, so much more that I... Continue Reading →


Hello, My fellow reader! \(^ ω ^)/ I’m Hannah Zaki. A quiet fangirl who loves to write with a passion. Of course reading is a necessity but writing comes more naturally and I find myself turning every situation into a story.... Continue Reading →

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